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What Is An Airdrop?

If you're invested in cryptocurrency or are looking to start, you may be wondering whether it's possible to get crypto for free. Well, free crypto is entirely possible to get your hands on through a process known as an 'air drop'. In this article, we will explain what an airdrop is and how you can get free crypto for your portfolio.
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Tokenizing Real-World Assets In 5-10 Years

The key benefits cited for blockchain connectivity over current legacy systems are cost efficiency gains, enhanced liquidity, 24/7 access to markets, and the elimination of intermediaries.
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UAE Ministry Of Economy Established A New Headquarters In The Metaverse

The UAE Ministry of Economy has announced a "third address" in a virtual world as part of its ongoing push into the Metaverse.
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Texas And Vermont Regulators Opposed Celsius Stablecoin Sale Plan

One major concern is that the company hasn't explicitly stated its plans to do with the stablecoin sale proceeds.
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Blockchain Gamers Are On The Rise As Users Try To Stack Cryptocurrency

Despite the hype, blockchain games saw an increase in active users in September, and God's Unchained cracked the top ten in total NFT sales volume of all projects.
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Sam Bankman-Fried Considering Joining Elon Musk's Twitter Deal

According to leaked private messages, the American crypto entrepreneur, billionaire, and investor considered joining Musk's bid to buy social media giant Twitter.
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Madalia World: The First Government-Recognized Metaverse

Madalia World is a virtual world that aspires to be Madeira's digital twin. It is divided into land plots that correspond to real-world locations.
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How Cryptocurrency Is Aiding In The Extension Of Healthy Human Lifespans

How do you add years to your life and years to your life? Longevity science can help, and this is a concept that crypto pioneers are particularly interested in.